Sunday, July 25, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I started this blog just a short few months ago with the hopes of helping others navigate the rough seas of infertility. So it was an incredible honor when I found out that Jay Bronte at The Two Week Wait bestowed upon me the Versatile Blogger Award.

As I gather it, I first have to thank the person who nominated me (of course! I have manners). Then share seven things readers might not know about me. And lastly, I have to pay it forward my selecting eight other bloggers I’ve recently discovered (but who haven't been nominated yet).


Thank you Jay for recognizing my blog! Coming from a talented and smart cookie like yourself, it’s an even greater honor. You inspire me to be a better blogger and to continue on my humble path to help women like yourself.

  1. I used to be a fashion stylist. I still loooovvveee fashion – I have a stuffed closet and a tower of magazines to prove it.
  2. English is my third language, but I guess through the years, it’s become my first.
  3. I love good food. I love to prepare it, eat it, watch it on TV. And while I’m on the subject, I have a thing for desserts. Even if I’m full, I claim there’s room in my “second stomach” for some sweet treat.
  4. My non-obviously-hot-guy crush is John Krasinksi. A good sense of humor and charm will go a long way with me.
  5. I’m strangely incapable of watching any movie that involves an animal getting hurt, but blood and guts with humans, bring-it-on!
  6. I never leave the house without some concealer for my perpetual dark circles.
  7. I’m hyper critical – mostly of myself. I second-guess every decision I make. In fact, I’m sure I’ll go over this list after posting it, wondering if I should have written it differently.
I would like to bestow the Versatile Blogger Award to the following fab bloggers:


the2weekwait said...

I am all about #6. I always say that if I were on a desserted island and I could only take two beauty products, it would be lip balm and a concealer stick. :) Congrats again as you are fabulous and have a terrific, educational, smart blog!

Circus Princess said...

Thank you, you're awesome! I'd love to see your stuffed closet and tall pile of fashion magazines :)

B said...

i can't believe english isn't your first language! that's amazing! you do very well :)

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