Thursday, September 2, 2010

News: CDC Videos on A.R.T.

Brief news update: The CDC, along with contributions from Aetna, have launched three videos on their site addressing different aspects of A.R.T.

The first video primarily focuses on the importance of being healthy prior to TTC and during pregnancy. Ways to increasing your odds to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy. The second video deals with the resources available to patients through the CDC. As I'd explained in an earlier entry, you can obtain SART reports for the IVF clinics in your local area. What this video provides is further understanding on how to read and interpret the data available to you. Lastly, the third video makes the case for single embryo transfers -- dealing with the complications of multiple gestation and the improvement in the technology to be more confident in single embryo transfers.

Despite the relatively poor quality production (Ok, so I'm a bit of a production snob after working in advertising and fashion) and dry delivery, I found the information to be relevant and accessible to those of us who are just getting started on the IF roller coaster. And the fact that the CDC and an insurance company (Aetna) have joined efforts to shed more light on IF treatments gives me hope that we can begin to discuss these issues more openly. Who knows, perhaps our law makers will also be more sympathetic to our struggles and make IF coverage a mandate in all states. One can always hope, right?


Anonymous said...

I just watched the first video (on preconception health)and while I'm glad the CDC is paying attention to this stuff, from the first sentence ("the healthiest women and the healthiest couples have the healthiest babies"), it reminded me of early 20th American century eugenics propaganda, particularly the Fitter Families Contests. These are the contests in which white Protestant families competed against each other for superior physical and mental health. The fact that the CDC featured couples that were white, heterosexual and seemingly able-bodied is a pretty telling commentary on who they think should be benefiting from ART. I look forward to watching the other ones. Thanks for sharing.

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